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Q2: Strategic Mapping

Published on 18/04/2023
Contributor(s): Jean-Marc Legrand

About our processes for adding value to our allies in entrepreneurship … Spring time…

As Investors in Scale-Ups, we want to be proactive alliance builders.

TheClubDeal has structured processes for enabling our colleagues and representatives in Club Deals to add value by so doing.

Therefore, we help our participations in structuring viable and measurable budgets. We consistently measure the time to monetization by agreeing on metrics.

As we like to create dynamics in our involvement, we have decided to dedicate 2 quarters in a year to those 2 tasks : budgeting (Q4) and time to monetization (Q1).

So !? What do we do during the rest of the Year ? Relaxing ? No !? It’s time for strategic mapping !

Coincidentally, we speak about Spring and Summer. Wouldn’t it be nice to relax during those sunny months? Yes, it would be, but surely it would not be the best use of our time, for all our stakeholders. And it would be soon quite boring, we believe. We dedicate these periods to enhance our knowledge of the environment in which each of our participation is navigating. We have a narrow focus on direct competition and a wider focus on sectorial trends.

This is notably therefore why we constantly have bright interns supporting our investment managers and providing them with value-adding desk research. We use databases, internally constituted or externals. Recently, we have added a precious information source, or scan, at least, with the Artificial Intelligence incarnated by Chat GPT.

This allows us to have constructive briefings with our participated companies, and avoid the syndrome of falling into the bad habit of not understanding the dynamics of the sector we evolve in.

We love exchanging internally and externally. One great source of constructive challenge is also to be found in our investor’s basis where many active entrepreneurs have joined us in our mission of providing growth capital into constructive alliances with our fellow entrepreneurs.

So, we analyse financial structure and commercial strategies of given competitors. We broaden the spectrum so to understand who could add value on his balance sheet by integrating the skillset our participated company is developing. We envisage scenario, and we stimulate strategic vision.

Welcome to the world of alliances for growth, dear fellow co-investor and entrepreneur ! And let’s make the best use of our precious time !

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