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CEO Summit

On June 13, TCD Capital held its first CEO summit with representatives from about 10 companies having allied with TCD Capital and other co-investors for the financing of their growth.

Three regular trusted advisors of TCD Capital, Ms Virginie Bazelmans, Corporate Lawyer at Lydian, M. Jean-Louis Dubrule, Founder and CEO of TheCrewCommunication, digital communication agency, and M. Geoffroy Boonen, serial entrepreneur, shared their vision on the following topics.

1. Evolution of the Belgian Company Codes

The new and evolutive forms of companies and their respective advantages and points for consideration. Virginie also put the spotlight on the evolutions as to the responsibilities of the management and directors of the companies, while also hinting at international private law and evolutions on that side. The presentation can be read here.

2. The Company and its digital process and visibility

Jean-Louis explained the the new trends in digital communication, with a specific spotlight put on video influencing. It was obvious that being digital is a necessary component for a successful DNA. The presentation can be read here.

3. An entrepreneur journey

Geoffroy, serial entrepreneur, explained his journey from the take-over of a promising company in the field of automotive industry to its sale. The presentation made clear that success is not granted if you are not prepared to sail against adverse winds, go through market cycles and against adversity. Part of the keys for success are to be found in transparent dialogue with all stakeholders, win-win alliances, bu also attention for detail and transformation of the company so to catch with the latest trends, remain competitive in a high cost environment, hence being at the top of innovation and competitiveness. The company was successfully taken over in 2017 after 1 year of continuing and challenging transformation. Geoffroy kept on investing into and developing new businesses inside the company and besides.

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