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At TCD Capital, from our offices in Brussels and Antwerp, Belgium, we don’t just invest in scale-ups; we invest in visions that redefine industries. As a premier Venture Capital fund, our ethos is grounded in nurturing the extraordinary potential of Series A scale-ups and guiding them through the pivotal transformations that shape their futures.

Professionalisation and Governance: Our approach is bespoke, focusing intently on the unique challenges typically following Series A funding rounds. We understand that the leap from a start-up to a scale-up requires not just capital but a new type of support, grounded in healthy governance. Our expertise lies in elevating the company’s governance structure – a critical step for sustainable growth and value creation. By professionalising the board, we ensure that it’s not just a body of members, but a powerhouse of strategic thinking, diverse expertise, and dynamic leadership.

Building sustainable goals: We believe in setting visionary yet attainable goals. Our role extends beyond financing; we are partners in carving a path towards your next phase. By aligning your company’s objectives with sustainable and strategic milestones, we pave the way for not just growth but growth with a purpose.

Success rooted in collective intelligence: “TCD Capital” is an evolution from “TheClubDeal” (our former name). Similarly to when we started as fundraising partners for ambitious Scale-ups (re-investing our commission), building or joining Club Deals where multiple avenues of expertise join to support complementarily founders. 

Our commitment to you: Your vision, combined with our experience and network, creates a synergy that transcends traditional venture capital. We are more than investors; we are sparring partners.

In essence, our DNA is composed of commitment, strategic guidance, and a deep-rooted belief in sustainable growth. Together, let’s turn visionary ideas into enduring successes.

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