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Intangible Capital

TheClubDeal takes seriously the manner in which it does business. From ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) objectives, to commitments and charters, it follows best practices, as described hereunder.



TheClubDeal is committed to aligning its practices in terms of taking Intangible Capital criteria into account with the best practices in the private equity investment sector and in the corporate sector in general.
Beyond its societal commitment to contribute to the competitiveness of its local eco-systems, through the injection of strategic growth capital,

TheClubDeal shares the convictions expressed by many professionals on environmental, social and corporate governance opportunities and risks, namely that “companies that take Intangible Capital into account show better growth, are more profitable and can achieve greater cost savings”.

Our commitment: when reviewing investments, TheClubDeal systematically analyses environmental, social, human and governance issues in its reporting documents such as the IT Score.
These analyses are based on the elements collected through an Intangible Capital questionnaire sent to each portfolio company (wholly or partly owned by TheClubDeal TheClubDeal Club I and TheClubDeal Fund II).

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