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TCD Capital is constantly meeting entrepreneurs mainly from Belgium but from abroad. We relentlessly look for growing and established companies or real estate projects which we can help develop directly or indirectly through the competences of our Club members (co-investors).

On a continuous basis, we are working in parallel on a few transactions, from scoring to selection, and decision of structuraton. Anonymized teasers have been added hereunder for those files selected for structuration and investment. In case you are interested to know more about one of these files, we invite you to contact us through the contact form and ask your questions there.


The anonymized descriptions have been prepared solely for the benefit of prospective qualified investors interested in private equity opportunities. The descriptions do not constitute an offer. A contact request from a prospective investor will first be handled by TCD Capital SA/NV which will, if adequate, forward it to the company seeking funds. TCD Capital SA/NV is not a placing agent. In addition, in making a request for more information, prospective investors must rely on their own examination of any company and should consult their own counsel and accountant as to legal and tax matters and other matters concerning an investment in private equity. The descriptions are made in good faith and neither TCD Capital SA/NV nor any other person assume responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of such statements.

The HEALTH social network: more comfort for patients in selecting with practitioners

A team of complimentary skillsets, specialized doctor, consultants and IT developers have come to the same conclusion: when the health of a beloved one is at stake, one wants to identify the best possible supplier of care. Who else than trusted parties, friends, family or patients suffering from the same condition or disease, could best refer you to the best specialist?

Advertising is a sensitive matter when it comes to healthcare, as well as evaluation of practitioners since the curing science is far from being certain. The founders have therefore imagined a smart model where both communities, doctors, and their patients, will contribute and find mutual interests, thereby enabling also a better use of public funds for public health. The startup helps you find the best doctor or specialist recommended by the ones you trust in a world where the increasing complexity of medicine and lack of relevant information are obstacles to patient empowerment.

Real Estate: developing a qualitative offering at the heart of Wallonia

TCD Capital invests, for its own account and that of co-investors in different stages of the financing of real estate development. In this project, TCD Capital allies with leading real estate developers and bought a constructible land in Wallonia at a competitive price. At this stage, TCD Capital is gathering a club to finance the first development stage.

A new form of museum concept at the heart of Europe

TCD Capital has been mandated for accompanying the financial structuration of a new museum concept to be located in Brussels. The structuring will include several forms of funding, of which the financing by ClubDeal members. The financial interest, beyond the contribution to the revitalization of Brussels, is potentially substantial.

Series A: Disruptive start-up

TCD Capital is also mandated to finance a series A equity for a start-up active in B2B sectors and which as secured some important contracts. Roadshows will start soon. 

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