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TCD Capital: Newsletter September 2020

What an hectic time! Sailing in unchartered waters, new challenges, new fears, new opportunities! New business models! Demonstrated resilience will be a key analytical parameter. Everything unexpected has happened and, while the principle of precaution needed to act fast and boldly, it is unseen to witness the damages, apparent or yet to surface, provoked by this first in humankind forced halt to the economic system.

In our participations, existing and in structuration, calm has prevailed, also supported by available treasury, at least for a necessary time to pass through. The teams in place have not wasted their time, reflecting on post lockdown or improving processes or scientific and organizational supports. Few had to put staff in economic unemployment, none had to lay off staff due to covid. An important parameter for us and our eco system.

We are busy structuring several promising files that also have demonstrated their agility throughout the crisis, and reinforced, so doing, their intangible capital…

As has appeared in the press and other communication, we have enlarged our General Partnership and further strengthened our governance bodies (board, advisory, investment, compliance). It is with great enthusiasm that we have welcomed our new partners and integrated their vision on the business, and on TCD Capital’s role in our economic eco-system.

Geoffroy Boonen
Chairman & Non-Executive Director

We are proud to announce the appointment of Harold Grosfils as Junior Business Manager. Harold is just back from London where he graduated from the London Business School. He also holds a master’s in business engineering (UCL/LSM) and has gained experience in M&A at Degroof Petercam and in financial markets at Puilaetco. His strength lies in his ability to thoroughly analyse businesses and financial models which he combines with a passion for entrepreneurship. The team is therefore now composed of 6 full time investment officers, as supported by more independent experts and 4 other professionals at the Investment Committee.

More than ever in this unknown and unpredictable pandemic period, TCD Capital is full of pride to further contribute to Univercells, one of our existing investee company www.univercells.com
Univercells’s mission is indeed to make biologicals and vaccines available for all, here and in less developed parts of the world. Along with KKR (Univercells Technologies) and other prominent Belgian and international investors, TCD Capital has committed to in a Serie C fundraising for the Univercells holding company, after restructuration of the group in 4 pillars, and this for an amount of 2.6 million euros.

The CEO of TCD Capital has been appointed board member of Exothera, a subsidiary of Univercells, active as CDMO. Added to these 2.6 million euros, the early investors with the series B, federated by TCD Capital will have contributed to for substantially more than 10 million euros to the financing of this rapidly growing life science company, thereby contributing to the anchorage in Belgium of this company that has already created about 150 high value local jobs.

On this project, TCD Capital is strengthening its fundamentals by investing or having its ecosystem supporting long-term projects and ideally located in the Benelux or in the Hauts de France.

Having contributed to the set up of the strategy of Lawbox, a legaltech, www.lawbox.be,  for some years, TCD Capital is pleased to announce to have formalized a minority stake along Vox Teneo, a company active in IT and software development, and with the support of its founder, Frédéric Deschamps. Lawbox supports companies in accurately managing their legal matters, by providing on-line access to state-of-the-art legal documentation and their subsequent management. By so doing, Lawbox contributes to the local competitiveness of those companies, helping those to manage their costs and remain compliant.

TCD Capital, through his CEO, Jean-Marc Legrand, has contributed to the structuration of some of Nyxoah’s earlier financing rounds. The announced listing on Euronext is a major step in the life of this successful Medtech company. TCD Capital congratulates Nyxoah for this major achievement.

TCD Capital is currently structuring some files in life science, smart living (with underlying real estate) and tech, all led by brilliant and experienced teams, having proven local competitiveness and willing to expand further by integration of smart minority growth capital. Don’t hesitate to call us for more news. More than ever, the asset class of direct equity into SME’s is a smart way of investing, also for contributing to the economic competitiveness of our regions. Join us on Linkedin and you will be informed of our new developments.

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