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Edouard de Becker Remy

Edouard de Becker Remy

Sourcing Manager

1995, Edouard de Becker Remy graduated with a first-class bachelor’s degree from the University of Exeter in Management.

He has gathered internship experience in wealth management at Petercam and Wealtheon followed by an M&A position at Fluxys. Since his graduation, Edouard has co-founded a company in Germany, alongside his three-year Austro-Germ mandate accompanying a venture developing a novel electric central heating. He has gathered venture, board, and negotiation experience throughout.

With an entrepreneurial mindset and a wide network, he will fuel the fund’s sourcing activities to find gems in the rough in which to invest. He will also support portfolio companies regularly benchmark themselves against the market in order to maximise their growth and value.

Edouard speaks: French, English, and German.

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